Beer At The Ballpark – Sunday Session

Beer At The Ballpark is a showcases of our favorite craft beers, past, present, and future. Most, if not all, of the beers will be available at Ballpark Ale Fest Rockford.

Ballpark Ale Fest is a craft beer festival that combines America’s favorite pastime with craft beer inside the ballpark. Whether you’re a craft beer aficionado or new to craft beer, Ballpark Ale Fest is the ideal setting to experience craft beer.

Brewery: Ale Syndicate Brewers
Beer: Sunday Session Hopped-up Ale
Style: American Pale Ale

Sunday Session

Photo: Ale Syndicate

For those who love their hops but can do without the heft of full IPAs, there’s Ale Syndicate’s Sunday Session IPA. Session IPAs are a lighter take on traditional IPAs, and in the case of Sunday Session, do not compromise flavor. With light grassy and floral notes combined with sweet, fruity peach flavors this is a beer that goes down easy in any occasion at just 4.8 ABV. Sunday Session pours a hazy golden color with ample head and prickly carbonation. Not to mention, all the hop flavor you can handle while maintaining the ability to remember the fun.

Aromas of citrus and herbs are most notable with Sunday Session, followed by the soft scent of bready notes from the malts. One sip reveals a light body with a mellow hop presence enhanced by subtle fresh grass and pit fruit flavors and ends with an empty glass, leaving you wondering how it went down so quickly. It’s clean, crisp and dry with a lingering spice and hop finish, which makes reaching for a second (or third) that much easier to do.


Ballpark Ale Fest Rockford is a craft beer festival that combines America’s favorite pastime with America’s favorite craft beers. The inaugural fest will take place Saturday, June 04, 2016 and will feature over 80 craft beers from breweries across the country. Ballpark Ale Fest Rockford will also feature incredible food and live music. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience American craft beer at the ballpark!


Ballpark Ale Fest Rockford
Saturday, June 4th
1:00 to 5:00 pm
Rockford Rivest Stadium

Beer At The Ballpark - Hopothesis IPA
Werk Force Brewing At Ballpark Ale Fest Rockford

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