Top 5 Reasons To Attend Ballpark Ale Fest Rockford


Beer and baseball come together at Ballpark Ale Fest Rockford, a craft beer fest that is making it’s next stop at the Rockford Rivets minor league stadium this June. Each fest continues to get better and better, and this particular fest will not disappoint. With a variety of brewers from all over the country, live music, a unique venue and one-of-a-kind experiences, the Rockford installment of Ballpark Ale Fest is a great opportunity to experience craft beer with those who love it just as much as you do.

Although there are several reasons to make it out, the following are our top 5 reasons to attend Ballpark Ale Fest Rockford.  


1. 40 Brewers From All Over The Country

With 40 brewers from all over the United States, there will be a flavor for every set of taste buds. With so many options, Ballpark Ale Fest is the perfect opportunity to experience craft beer. When you pass through the gates, you’ll have a world of options before you. So many that it would be nearly impossible not to try something new.


2. The Rockford Rivets Stadium

What could be more American than enjoying craft beer from inside a monument to American culture: the ballpark? The fruits of the knowledge from brewers and industry experts will run wild as patrons have the special opportunity to converse with all of their fellow enthusiasts at the Rockford Rivets Stadium.  


3. Live Music from AudioDrive

Along with a sweet venue, Ballpark Ale Fest Rockford has lined up some live music for you to jam out to while you sip. We consider it to be a basic truth that craft beer just tastes better when listening to great music. Local sounds keep the atmosphere lively and fun. AudioDrive will be performing live at the fest. They are a powerful Rock Act that brings one of the best shows in the region! They shine with excellent vocals, killer guitars and a thunderous rhythm section that knows no bounds! 


4. The Home Brew Pavilion

For those of you beer aficionados who like to try something more experimental, than the home brew pavilion is the place for you. Home brewers will provide guests with a selection unique craft beers – creativity runs rampant in this tent. This is a great opportunity for the brewers and guests to talk  about their latest and greatest brewed creations while enjoying a completely new beer.  


5. A Selection Of Five Randalled Beers

Looking for something a bit more… unique? You’re going to want to check out the Randalled beers. This is definitely a must-try and is likely to be one of the most popular things at the ballpark. Here, beer will run through what is called a Randall, which serves to infuse flavors. The concoction is then mixed into chambers and filtered through a tap. This is a special opportunity for newbie’s and beer geeks alike to savor the decadence of the infused beers.


Get your tickets today to Ballpark Ale Fest Rockford taking place on Saturday, June 4, 2016. Ballpark Ale Fest will hit the Rockford Rivets stadium, combining two of America’s favorite things, Americana pastime and craft beer. The fest will feature a variety of unique American craft beers, local food and live music. A craft beer fest is about more than just beer, it’s about the experiences – the opportunity to experience craft beer in a unique setting with like minded people. We look forward to seeing you at the fest…


Ballpark Ale Fest Rockford
Saturday, June 4th
1:00 to 5:00 pm

Rockford Rivest Stadium
4503 Interstate Blvd
Loves Park, IL 61111

Werk Force Brewing At Ballpark Ale Fest Rockford

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